Getting Certified-Info Security ISO IEC 27001-ISO PROS #20

Getting Certified in Info Security ISO/IEC 27001

Are you thinking about implementing an ISO? Don’t forget to get certified every time you have met all the requirements established in the normative.  Otherwise, your company will enjoy and get the advantage of the benefits, but you will be missing several ones, starting with the fact that your clients and other companies won’t know about them. 

After all, implementing a standard helps you to improve your company’s areas, processes, and have control over the management systems.  This only leads a business to provide better services or products, and a proof of this is the ISO that aims for the improvement of your quality management system. 

Now, the rest of the ISOs and their certifications are as important as the previous one—which is ISO 9001. And this includes ISO/IEC 27001. 

A certification shows that a business meets every aspect of the standard and there is no need for you or any other company to explain them to the client. Unless he or she isn’t familiar with it, which can happen quite often.

However, what are the objectives of getting a certification when you can perfectly implement the standard and enjoy the benefits?  Well, let’s start by letting your clients know your company is and has:

  • A reliable information security management system.
  • Encrypted information and limited access to only the necessary and qualified people.
  • Privacy policy and security controls that guarantee the protection of their profiles and information.
  • Shows the attention your company pays to improve the security to guarantee the best protection.
  • Handles breaches and unauthorized access properly.
  • Mitigates risks and damage to the company or the client’s interests.

You can also look at it in a simpler and basic way: the benefits you are enjoying as the company implementing it are also for your clients. And the only way to let them know this and guarantee you actually meet with the requirements in the standard is having a certification as a seal of approval.

Now, is it too difficult to get certified? Not at all. Obtaining your certification only involves evaluation and assessing process from the organization or validated company that will provide it. In this way, it can be determined if you meet with every parameter in the ISO.

Our company, ISO Pros, is available for your needs and certifications. If you decided to implement ISO/IEC 27001 for your security system and start protecting your information and data as required, we will be here for two things:

– Providing assistance and support.

– Get you certified once you have met all the requirements. ´

We are sure you have several questions and doubts right here, right now, and we would love to answer and clear all of them since this ISO 27001 will bring many steps and a lot of work to your routine.

Where should you start to get certified?

There is nothing special or different from implementing the standard and getting your certification. After all, you obtaining thanks to meeting every requirement and once you are done with every detail and parameter in the document.

Therefore, there are no extra steps or guidelines you need to follow to get your seal of approval without problems.

However, this takes us to the advice you might be looking for: where to start with the ISO?

ISO standards are extensive and when it comes to this one for your ISMS, we know it will take several weeks to get everything done.

Creating an information security management system isn’t simple; setting and establishing security controls isn’t an easy task either. And all this goes together to fulfill every aspect of the normative.

So, if you want a recommendation, we suggest you start with your security controls by identifying them, determine which ones you need and you don’t and start joining and organizing them in the ISMS. Once you are here, creating privacy policies, extra controls and every aspect of the security system will be needed.

We can discuss and go through the entire process with you for hours, and we are not even kidding.


Can you implement Infor Security ISO/IEC 27001 alone? 

Every company can implement an ISO standard without help. However, will you be able to succeed? Following norms and meetings, all the requirements will take experts and professionals in the security management area, not only to the area related to information. 

In a few words, following the normative will be useful, but this is only a guideline to what you have to do, not about how you can do it. If you end up determining that you need assistance and support to implement it, we are here for you. As we mentioned before, our company is available for any business in need of using ISO 27001 and getting certified. 

We have qualified, experienced, and validated professionals that will help you since the beginning or from where you left it. There is a lot to do and we encourage you to contact us as soon as you realize you can’t do it alone or if you decided to not do it by yourself in the first place. We will be waiting to know about your ISO needs, company status and specifications, and your progress so far. 

Also, keep in mind that educating and training yourself in ISOs—at least, in the ones you are implementing in your company—is necessary. This is why our service and support include training in IEC 27001 for you to have the right idea and knowledge of why your information security management system works in that way. And later on, you can even add new elements on your own to improve it according to the ISO or another standard you decide to implement. 

Do you want to know more about it? We have other articles and information available on our website, or you can contact us to let us know your doubts and questions. We will answer your calls right away and reply to emails or messages within 24 hours.