Benefits-Info Security ISO IEC 27001-ISO PROS #20

Benefits of Info Security ISO/IEC 27001

ISOs are known for being normative that people and companies have to follow and make sure that every requirement from the document is met. This causes them to be misunderstood for regulations or limitations to the company which we have to admit some of them are. However, each standard brings benefits to the company more than limitations, and the more you grow familiar with them, the more you start understanding this.

In the case of ISO/IEC 27001, we consider it a complete benefit due to all the parameters and aspects you need to meet in order to have a reliable and perfect information security system for your business. Just think about it, an ISO that helps you to create, maintain, and improve your ISMS can’t be a limitation but rather one of the best things out there for this part of your company. If it is hard to believe, you just need to start understanding it, make sure you are aware of every benefit and even start implementing it although it is not mandatory to operate.

However, your information and data—and yourself—will appreciate its implementation. At ISO Pros, we can support and help you to meet every requirement established in the standard and make sure your company gets certified once you have fulfilled every aspect and “rule”. We can give you testimonies of every client we have helped with this ISO and saying they are more than happy is short to tell you how they feel in specific.

And we can also tell you our own testimony: it is amazing for ISMS, especially when your company is new or has been having issues and leaks problems. But before you decide to implement it, here are some of the most relevant benefits from it:

Protects your information from unauthorized hands

The main benefit is to prevent anyone you don’t want to have access to your information to keep his or her hands in the pockets. You don’t have to be familiar with information security or data itself to know that many people will try to access yours, especially if your company is climbing and starting to be a successful one—if it already isn’t.

The problem with the information in a company is that many people need to have access to it. To be more specific, many people are close to it and there is a high probability they will gain access to it if they just try hard. Of course, your employees and partners have their limitations and restrictions, but what makes you so sure that your information won’t get in the wrong hands?

Only an encrypted and tough security system that only provides information to those you have authorized to. For this, a long process of entering profiles, names, and more will have to take place. But with ISO 27001, we are sure you will be able to have a good idea of the security controls you need to establish, create, and organize in order to protect your information.

Mitigates the impact of a breach—or several ones

We hate to admit it but there is always a possible breach to your system. After all, there is nothing invincible even if you implement every single ISO available. Therefore, what can you do when you always have—at least—1% of probabilities to have your information compromised? 

Take actions and prevention to mitigate the impact of this. Believe it or not, this a crucial part of every ISMS and if you do not invest time and resources in this aspect in specific, you will not be able to recover from a breach of your data.

ISO/IEC 27001 allows you to assess the risks, think about solutions beforehand, and have a backup plan for every situation in order to implement corrective solutions right away. This only leads to the ability of your company to deal with issues, leaks, and breaches due to people or unauthorized hands.

Gives your clients—and future ones—more confidence about your business

If you can’t guarantee your own information security, how can you promise it to your clients?

This is a question you really need to ask yourself if you haven’t settled down or understood how important is to have a proper ISMS in your business and continuously improve it. Keep in mind that your information is gold, but your clients’ data is also relevant.

Imagine that during a breach, the person that accessed the information didn’t get through your system to have all your information. But he or she did access your clients’ profiles, data, and many details that are completely classified and personal. No one will want to hire or work with you ever again and this only leads to a massive problem in your business.

You need to prevent this at all costs, and when you have the right security controls created, established, organized, and joined to the ISMS, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. This is exactly what you achieve once you have gone through the entire ISO 27001 implementation. And with this benefit only, we believe is more than enough to start implementing it right now.


Just like any other standard, this ISO requires a lot of work, time, and resources due to the expenses that come with making changes or creating an entire ISMS. Therefore, consider the costs of the processes and steps when trying to meet every requirement.

And once you are done with it, make sure to get certified to show other companies and clients you have a reliable security management system for any data. You will also gain recognition all over the country—if not internationally.

To implement this ISO correctly and get certified, you can contact us at ISO Pros. We have been helping companies for over a decade, and if your business is new or old, it doesn’t matter. We can assist you and make sure that from now on you have the perfect security system to protect your information from undesired and unauthorized hands.